Why Switching To Shopify Plus Instead Of Magento Is The Right Path?

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Ever wondered why more and more big brands are migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus?

Well, we’re asking the same question ourselves too.

A trend has been seen amongst the Magento users. With just over a year, they start exploring for other sensible ecommerce solutions like Shopify Plus. They want to make sure that their ecommerce platform is able to offer them the biggest bang for their buck. And luckily, Shopify Plus offers time-limited deals to Magento users so that they can have a nice landing on the fastest growing platform. While, both Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise are amongst the best ecommerce platforms of 2018, yet what encourage Magento users to choose Shopify plus as a more profitable option?

Well, let’s take a closer look at why users prefer to choose Shopify Plus over Magento enterprise:

Web Hosting

Magento doesn’t offer web hosting services – since it is a self-hosted platform. You are on your own to search a web hosting solution as per your business requirements and budget. While choosing a hosting provider, one has to ponder over on how big your e-store is, and how many resources it will require. Plus, when your business gets involved with a service provider, it further falls on your shoulders. Think about it. With so much going on, how will you focus on your business?

Shopify plus, on other hand, have unique manifesto as compare to Magento Commerce. Users opt for Shopify plus because of many good reasons. One such reason is its top-tier hosting services.  They set it all up for you and that too at a reasonable cost. With this go-to platform, you will save a lot of time too.

Site Security

Mostly Magento users feel that they are left behind. They’re not sure whether they are getting all essential resources and features from their platform. One such imperative feature is Site’s security. Again, Magento doesn’t care of PCI compliance. This means you need to find it yourself about what level of PCI compliance your store requires. And then, make sure that your web hosting company meets your security needs. However, all of this tends to add up more time, more work and more human resources.  Sounds not so great? Shopify Plus attempts to make it all easier and simpler. Whether it is their PCI compliant sites or offering continuous risk management, your site’s security is not your problem anymore.

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