Winning Features of Magento that Shopify Lacks

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When it comes to ecommerce platforms no doubt there is a lot of competition. Ecommerce platforms today provide a lot of different services that are amazing. These services will make your online business easy yet exceptional. However, amongst all the other ecommerce platforms Magento stands out. There are some unparalleled characteristic of Magento that enables it to beat its major competitors like Shopify.

So what makes Magento such a successful ecommerce platform?


Well, for starters, it is the platform which is open to extensive customization. Although Magento does provide a set of themes that you can choose from, but it also brings even better customization options. You can make your very own unique customized website. With the help of Bluefoot, which has enabled the drag and drop option, Magento has introduced functions that are far better than that of Shopify. The high level of customization allows your business to appear more professional. By giving your business a creative look you can attract more customers. Your creativity will definitely pay off!

Magento Delivers Value

Not only does Magento provide amazing features, but it also keeps on updating them on frequent basis. They provide good value in return for what they charge their customers. Their customer services are also exceptional. One if the best form of value delivery is their ‘Open Source’ system which enables the customers to the change features of their website. Shopify, on the other hand, does not provide you the freedom of full customization. Magento is remarkable at delivering what you desire. And what is better than having exactly what you want!?

Keeping in Track

One of the best features that Magento provides is also the option of tracking and keeping records. This feature includes Google Analytics which also enables easy analysis. Moreover, it provides sales and tax reports, abandoned shopping carts, total sales, refunded invoices, product review report and much more. It is only the matter of doing a little technical work and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of all these amazing feature.

It is safe to say that Magento provides far better and advance features than Shopify. It provides best services and that too at very competitive prices. If you don’t mind doing some developing work you can have your very own fully-customized, professional looking online business website in no time!

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